Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime

Achieve Prime-like shipping speeds and earn the Prime badge. Use the MyFBAPrep Seller Fulfilled Prime network to ensure fast, reliable shipping nationwide.

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    • Boost sales with the Prime badge

      Enrolling in Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime gives you access to the Prime badge for your listings, as long as you provide Prime-level service such as free two-day delivery and a high on-time delivery rate.

      Listings with the Prime badge enjoy a sales boost and a higher chance of winning the buy box.

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      Boost sales with the Prime badge
    • Control your unboxing experience

      Maintain authority over your distribution strategy and unboxing experience.

      Under Seller Fulfilled Prime, merchants can set their own fulfillment parameters. You choose the packaging, branding, and unboxing experience. That includes adding nods to your social media pages, or coupons for alternative sales channels you’re trying to grow.

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      Control your unboxing experience
    • Increase trust in your listings

      Remove any hesitation or barriers to purchase.

      The well-recognized Prime badge increases trust in your listings, utilizing a close association with the credible Amazon brand for your products.

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      Increase trust in your listings
    • Consolidate multi-channel inventory

      Gain clearer oversight into your inventory levels to stay in stock across sales channels.

      Seller Fulfilled Prime gives you all the benefits of the Prime badge with the power of multi-channel fulfillment. Consolidate your inventory under a unified fulfillment partner and balance orders from different sales channels.

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      Consolidate multi-channel inventory

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    Prime-fast shipping for top Amazon sellers, Amazon aggregators, and enterprise brands.

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